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Marie Khouri - CHAHAN

Marie Khouri

A Vancouver-based sculptor, represents the broad, multi cultural and diverse demographic of western canada. Born in Egypt and raised in Lebanon, Khouri has developed a vast range of cultural and historical influences within her practice.

Growing up during the lebanese civil war, Khouri was relocated to Spain, Italy and Canada. She finally setlled in Paris where she was classically trained in sculpture at l’École du Louvre. On her return to Vancouver, elements of her life took form in her sculpting, reflecting a passion for innovation and spontaneity.

Khouri’s work closely integrates form and function, reminiscent of modernist thinking, best epitomized by the Bauhaus school.


Marie Khouri’s sculptures blend and extend metaphors of language, form and body to propose an inextricable link – both political and personal – to a life deeply affected by the complex histories of the Middle East. It is from these histories that her most evocative works emerge, rooted in a profound sense of dislocation and the search for a greater sense of place.

Each sculpture is formed through an extensive hands-on process that employs traditional sculpting techniques alongside contemporary innovations in material and buildings standards. Her timeless and unconstrained forms remain firmly situated in the Contemporary genre, pushing the barriers of various mediums to reveal the entire evolution and method by which the sculpture was created.

Marie Khouri

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